Humble Brags

Super inspiring!!

It was great to talk with you today. Super inspiring!! It’s so exciting to be refining my vision and message for my practice. Awesome!! Thanks so much for helping me put words to my intentions.

The whole branding was very penetrating.

I hired ShrinkWrap when I was in the process of relocating my private practice from Los Angeles to a new city nearby. After a 30+ year of a successful pre-Internet practice, the idea of “branding” felt weird and strange to me.

That said it was exciting to re-inventing myself. I threw myself wholeheartedly into the “Birthing the Brand” process, which it turned out, yielded psychotherapeutic insights as well as a marketing strategy.

I can’t wait for our next session.

You are also a super fantastic therapist as well as branding coach.

I just love the documents you sent, very thought provoking and professional.

I already used a couple of things you said (I hope you don’t mind) in my sessions today.

Today’s session was magnificent.

I felt and feel so deeply and profoundly seen.

You have an amazingly huge ability to listen with your heart and intellect and to translate what I say into a phrase that sums me up like a perfect poem or song.

I don’t believe in coincidences

Just wanted to let you know that as soon as I hung up after my initial phone consult with you, I checked my voicemail to discover 3 new referrals had called me to set-up appointments as new patients. On top of that, I got a referral from another colleague earlier this week.

Everything happens for a reason, and I have a feeling that my schedule all of a sudden fill-up is a good sign that I should work with ShrinkWrap on branding my practice.

I am deeply grateful for helping me articulate what I do.

I am really grateful to the Universe for leading me to Alison Roth and ShrinkWrap.

I have been doing some really good work with all my patients and I’m sure that the clarity I have is thanks to my coaching sessions with you.

Truly a piece of art

I wanted to send ShrinkWrap a heartfelt thanks for the amazing site you guys have created on my behalf. It is truly a piece of art; you have perfectly captured the work we offer and me.

I am proud to put my site out into the world and let it represent who we are. I felt such joy when saw it and haven’t stopped enjoying all the details since.

You are excellent at what you do and look forward to an ongoing relationship with ShrinkWrap.

You are truly a gift to me!

In the 37 years I have been in Private Practice as a Psychotherapist, I have never met anyone as helpful as Alison Roth and ShrinkWrap.

Within the first two months of working together my practice began to accelerate and new referrals began coming in. Now 6 months later my client load has doubled and continues to grow.

Alison Roth has been instrumental in helping make my professional dreams and career goals come true before we even began building the website. Thank-you for all your insight and support.

If you get the chance to hire ShrinkWrap, do it.

Since Alison Roth rebranded and redesigned my website, I have added six new full fee cash clients to my practice in as many weeks!

From the moment I hired her she dove right in, asked all the right questions and created a brand that is a complete stand out among my colleagues. I’m thrilled with the results.

She thought angels led her to my website

Just received a call from someone who said she thought angels led her to my website and “music was playing when she read it” because she knew I was the therapist for her.

She’s driving two hours to meet with me.

Thank you ShrinkWrap!

The process of Birthing with Alison Roth has been transformational.

Alison Roth’s comprehensive and well thought out coaching program allowed me the space and distance to think through what it is about my practice that is unique and marketable.

It’s almost as if she came inside my being and pulled out for the world to see the essence of who I am; helping me to craft a profile of my ideal client, my ideal practice, in turn creating my ideal life.

I highly recommend Alison and ShrinkWrap for therapists who want to differentiate themselves in ways that spotlight their own unique gifts. This marketing differentiation is worth the investment, pays tremendous dividends, and provides for the purposeful effort of practice building leading to huge rewards.

I love working with Alison Roth and ShrinkWrap!

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for seeing me and knowing the difference between my brilliance, my self-judgment, and my beautiful madness.

Thank you for not wanting to see me get stuck and for offering your time and love.

Thank you for being my soundboard and for supporting my brand, my path, and my Self. Everyone needs a coach. I truly appreciate you and ShrinkWrap.


I got the Brand Summary. I almost get the feeling like if I was at a surprise birthday party and people are talking about ME!

Thanks ShrinkWrap!

ShrinkWrap captured me.

OK….first viewing of my website….OMG!

You delivered exactly what I was imagining. It feels so authentic.

As polished and professional as anything I’ve seen.

I just showed my design to my wife – a very savvy (Harvard too) psychologist with a good marketing sense for.

She’s totally impressed with design and copy ShrinkWrap created. She said “awesome” three times and her standards are high.


Wait, I think I hear my phone ringing…..

I just visited my new ShrinkWrap website online! I am playing the Hallelujah chorus while sipping chardonnay!!

Bravo Alison Roth and ShrinkWrap!!!!

I love it, love it, love it!!

Thank you ShrinkWrap!!

The whole site looks awesome!

I just got the link to my website. “I LOVE the pages. Thank you, it looks beautiful!!!

Very impressive. Alison Roth and ShrinkWrap captured who I am so perfectly.

I LOVE it!!!

I am so pleased with the final site.

I’ve had so much fun working with Alison Roth and ShrinkWrap. Our collaboration taught me a lot about how to sharpen my thinking about my “brand.”

My site has already begun to generate referrals as well as receive compliments from several colleagues who have commented on how well it captures my personality.

Cheers to you and all!

ShrinkWrap did such a great job

I’ve read through the Brand Summary a few times now, and I continue to be very impressed with it! Alison Roth really puts things into focus!

ShrinkWrap definitely captured me.

I so appreciate the care and attention you are giving me.

Thank you!

I think it’s brilliant.

I love it the work ShrinkWrap did on my behalf.

It’s very hard for therapists to articulate the work we do in direct and clear language, you mastered this difficult task. You captured my essential nature truthfully. Your work is excellent.

You are a good find and I’m to recommend ShrinkWrap to all my colleagues.