Alison Roth, ShrinkWrap CEO

Alison Roth ShrinkWrap

Alison Roth LMFT, MA
“Chief Abundance Manifestor” aka Founder/CEO ShrinkWrap

Alison Roth unites both sides of her brain in the course of a given work week; employing the intuitive right side as a psychotherapist while utilizing her logical left side as the founder and CEO of ShrinkWrap.

Prior to her return to graduate school to pursue her fourth career as a therapist, Alison Roth spent 14 years in the online dating industry working for the majority of online dating companies including Jdate,, eHarmony and Cupid Junction (owned by Intermix, the company that would launch MySpace) as a consultant focusing on branding, marketing and building websites that converted visitor into members and members into subscribers.

During Alison Roth’s internship at The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills, she worked full time as the Producer for Joe’s Club, Jdate’s first ever premium service; an invite-only dinner club for successful Jewish Professionals. Responsible for all aspects of the service, she designed the website, developed the technology and spearheaded sales and marketing. Alison hosted dinners at posh local eateries and is responsible for a handful of marriages and a set of twins.

Luckily the clinic was literally down the street from the Jdate office so she’d race over to treat clients after a full day of helping singles find love online. Known to her fellow interns as Internet savvy (and a talented matchmaker), Alison soon began proffering advice on marketing their practices’ online, leveraging social media to increase their search results on Google and differentiating themselves from their colleagues by creating brand identities.

A colleague from her supervision group, Sandra Dupont, had recently passed her boards and was leaving the clinic for private practice. The Internet and computers intimidated her. She was clear about the population she wanted to work with and had carved out a niche for herself working with teens. As a parting gift (and unconscious experiment) Alison created a unique brand identity for Sandra’s nascent practice, designed and built her website and blog and taught her how to market herself online. Unknowingly Sandra became ShrinkWrap’s first client, successfully embracing her unique online brand identity, blogging weekly, increasing her “findability” on Google and eventually generating 3-4 referrals a week via her website, until her practice was full and she was able to raise her rates. The notion of offering these services and getting paid began to germinate, but was derailed when Alison transitioned from the clinic into private practice, and left her full time position at Jdate to start a consulting company with two former Jdate colleagues catering to…more online dating companies.

 Internet dating isn’t the only relationship that begins online.

However, the calling became clear when within one week, two different clients said they’d “Googled” her and were curious to learn more about the “online dating stuff” they found in their search. During that time she watched on the sidelines while the majority of therapists she knew fail miserable to leverage the Internet to build their private practices’. Clearly Internet dating isn’t the only relationship that begins online.

Branding Therapist Websites

She saw the unique business opportunity to formally marry her first hand experience as a therapist with years of training building brands and websites for multi-million dollar companies to help guide Shrinks into the digital age and generate client referrals online and thus ShrinkWrap was born.

Alison states, “As Therapists, today clients ‘Google’ before they call. They rely heavily on online research and if a therapist doesn’t have a website or possibly worse, has an unprofessional looking one, they are losing clients and money. The Internet’s greatest virtue is the ability to help people find the right needle in a digital haystack of information.”

In addition to her work as an online dating Guru, Alison helped found IFILM, one of the seminal online independent film communities that raised $43M during the Internet boom despite not having a viable business plan and was later sold to Viacom.

Previous to her involvement with the Internet, Alison had a successful career as the Northwest’s most prolific Casting Director with Roth Casting Associates casting such movies as I Love You to Death, Sleepless in Seattle and American Heart in addition to copious national, regional and local TV commercials and corporate videos. She worked as a Hollywood development executive for The Samuel Goldwyn Company and Sweetpea Entertainment (Dungeons & Dragons, Gen 13) and finally as a producer with her own company, Go Girl Entertainment, where she Co-Executive Produced the Disney/ABC TV movie of the week “Princess of Thieves” starring then unknown Keira Knightley.

Alison received her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University and completed her Internship training at The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills. She attended the MFA program at University of Washington in Seattle and graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. She is the co- founder and first president of Women in Film/Seattle and has sat on numerous non-profit boards.

Alison is a transplanted New Yorker who has made her home on the beach in Marina del Rey, California where she practices yoga, walks for miles and attempts to teach her old pure breed mutt new tricks.